Sunday, November 12, 2006

Carefully Charismatic

As a cradle Catholic until age 15, then spending the next 20 years in charismatic circles, including 12 as an Assemblies of God minister, all I can say is AMEN BROTHER!!! I returned to the Church just over a year ago, and was determined when I came back that I would never give up the charismatic side of myself--and I haven't. BUT...What I have found, however, in the miraculous liturgy of the true New Testament liturgy of the Mass, is something far more charismatic than anything I experienced in those years outside of the Church. Shortly after I returned to the Church I visited a "charismatic Mass", during which the priest actually stopped the liturgy just after the Consecration and, as he held up the Body and Blood of our risen Lord in the appearances of bread and wine, he and the entire congregation stopped and "prayed in tongues" over it! I am sure the intent was good, but I don't think Jesus needs us to pray over Him! A silent awe and holy bow before the true miracle of His Real Presence in the Eucharist would have been so much better, in my opinion. But it was missed that day. I also have a sister, a Catholic charismatic for many years, and recently I visited her prayer group as well. There was no priest present, no mention of Mary or the saints, and at the end the leader exhorted all of us to "go and prophesy to everyone we met that week"--whether at work, home, or church--talk about the "God told me" syndrome! That scared me.I still believe in speaking in tongues and use my "prayer language" in my private devotional times, but have no desire to join a charismatic prayer group, Catholic or otherwise. Give me a Rosary, and let me pray the Hail Mary as a background "prayer language" as I meditate on the Passion and Resurrection of our Lord. Even if I have no other words to pray, those will do just fine by me.And give me the Sacraments, especially Reconciliation and the Eucharist--nothing is more miraculous and "charismatic" than they are! I wonder how I ever missed that all these years.

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Tiber Jumper said...

Amen Bro!
How could we have missed it is ?
Jesus said unless you eat my body and blood , what else could He have meant?